The Health Savings Program (HSP) is designed to facilitate the review of an employee's personal medical bills for non-compliant charges. 

How Can the Medliminal Health Savings Program Help You?


As an employer, track your medical cost savings and utilization metrics with Medliminal's Health Savings Program. 



Real Problems. Real Results. 

Self Insured CS GraphicMedliminal reviewed a patient's surgery claim by an orthopedist for $255,820.00 (multiple surgical charges were billed). The primary procedure was charged at $163,314.00. After a review of statistical data on a National level for the year, it was determined that: 


  • Nationwide, this procedure was performed a total of 4 times.
  • None of these procedures were performed in the state in which the patient's surgery was performed. 
  • Nationwide, the highest charge for this procedure was $15,000.

Based on our review, we determined that the $163,314.00 surgery was not documented nor billed correctly. Medliminal negotiated the bill down to an approximate total of $8,500 which resulted in a $154,814.00 savings.  


The Medliminal Health Savings Program (HSP) offers real-time access to analytics in highlighting where cost savings are coming from. 


Medliminal's Health Savings Program is your advocate in obtaining medical cost savings. 


Real Problems. Real Results.

Employee CS GraphicPatient went in for their preventative colonoscopy. During the colonoscopy, a polyp was found and removed. The patient received a bill and a corresponding Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that showed they owed $972.00 to the physician, which was applied to their deductible. The patient was under the assumption that this preventative service was reimbursed 100%.

After Medliminal reviewed the claims, we identified that a billing item (a modifier) was left off the claim that was submitted to the insurance carrier. This item (modifier) informed the insurance that the intent of the procedure was preventative and during the procedure a diagnostic service was performed. Based on this, the claim was paid at 100% and the patient's balance was $0.00.

Simply log into your personal Health Savings Dashboard to enroll in the Medliminal health savings program. Upload your medical documents via your mobile device or computer desktop. 

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